Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Every smile is worth something :D

I'm up late at night and I had a really bad day.
As I sit down at my desk and go through all the people in my life who make me angry or upset. I start to realise that it won't make anything better.

THEN I look back and think of how valuable my life is to me.

I have a wonderful family, but like always there are times where people fight and have disagreements but in the end, everyone loves each other and would do anything just to see them smile.
I personally used to always think some members of my family didn't love me, but I was wrong because I realised how happy they would be with just a hug and a simple hello.

I have amazing friends and they make me happy everyday by either laughing at my silly jokes or just making me laugh by making fun of me.
I've met wonderful people in my life through doing the things I love the most and I'm am so grateful for everything. I also learnt from my sister that every insult takes a thousand compliments to be forgiven and we all know deep down inside that it's true.

I shouldn't get people get me down, but I do. I know i'm not the only one but I know that I'm the only one who can help myself.

To all the people out there who have made me smile, whether you hate me or don't like me..I love you! Cos every smile is worth something.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally...I did it :)

As I grow up, so does the rest of my family.
I'm the smallest, the little one. But I'm treated like an adult just because I'm mature enough.
Every year we have at least one 21st or 18th in our family and nothing beats the Natarelli family parties :)
I love speeches and always tend to make them, but always stuff it up because I'm not prepared.

My brother 21st speech was horrible.
And all my other cousins speeches were pretty bad.

But for the first time this year, my cousin Rob had a 21st and I made a speech...I would never forget!
I loved it and had so much fun saying it :)
it's a family tradition that ALL the cousins in the family say a speech and we all did just that :)

This post is pointless BUT I was so happy about it, that I had to :)

Happy birthday to my cousin Robby

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Someone I know asked me this question.
You think things are meant to happen for a reason but what happens when there is no reason?

And I think, that everything has a reason but sometimes the reasons aren't clear to see straight away. It can take years till you realise why things happen and how they change your life later. But that gives no reason to dwell on the past or the future, live in the present and don't think about what's going to happen tomorrow, today.

When people say that reasons are just words. No they aren't, they are actions that are turned into words just to be able to make sense of them.
Everyone has reasons for their life, we may not see it. I personally don't see my reason but as my life goes on I'm sure I will find out.
Problems, can lead up to reasons. A reason to move on and learn from our mistakes and make our lives better.

People may not see the good in their life, because they are so caught up with the negatives. People need to smile and go through life with a good attitude because in the end, that's the best thing.

Just one of the places I want to go.

Someday, I would love to go to this place.
And place with an enchanting language...and wonderful culture.
The idea of it, just makes me smile.
Every time I hear this language, even just a simple. Ti amo
Everyone says that Italy is a wonderful place, with outrageously beautiful monuments and views, I agree even without being there. The food is amazing, all natural and the people there are loud and clearly heard without a doubt.
And the one thing I love...The celebrations never end.

There is a first time for everything

This is the first time that I have done this sort of stuff, but it gives me a chance to write about how I feel or what I'm thinking.
I don't write fantasy stories all that often but I love to read them and think of ideas to include in them. I've always wanted to have the chance to write about my fathers life in India and all the stories he has told me over the years, but considering he is getting older his memory is not all that good. So, while I'm waiting I'm going to write about everything that comes to my mind and always throw a bit of emotion into it.

My imagination is bright and has lots of colour and when people ask me about what they should write about and the feelings they should include...all I say is. Colour me a rainbow please.