Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Every smile is worth something :D

I'm up late at night and I had a really bad day.
As I sit down at my desk and go through all the people in my life who make me angry or upset. I start to realise that it won't make anything better.

THEN I look back and think of how valuable my life is to me.

I have a wonderful family, but like always there are times where people fight and have disagreements but in the end, everyone loves each other and would do anything just to see them smile.
I personally used to always think some members of my family didn't love me, but I was wrong because I realised how happy they would be with just a hug and a simple hello.

I have amazing friends and they make me happy everyday by either laughing at my silly jokes or just making me laugh by making fun of me.
I've met wonderful people in my life through doing the things I love the most and I'm am so grateful for everything. I also learnt from my sister that every insult takes a thousand compliments to be forgiven and we all know deep down inside that it's true.

I shouldn't get people get me down, but I do. I know i'm not the only one but I know that I'm the only one who can help myself.

To all the people out there who have made me smile, whether you hate me or don't like me..I love you! Cos every smile is worth something.

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